The Easiest Way To Stay Fit This Holiday Season| Events by L |Chicagoland’s Premier Wedding and Event Planning Experts

The EASIESTHoliday parties are the best, but those added pounds that creep up afterwards are never fun! We know it can be easy to fall into the “it’s the holidays” state of mind when it comes to over-indulging or skipping your workout routine.  We’ve all been guilty of it!  We wanted to share with you our tip of the season that we are going to be sticking with to help us, and hopefully you- from getting stuck in a holiday rut, and help to keep us all fit during the season.

Too much of a good thing_One of the challenges that we L’s (or Elves as we have been called) face during the Christmas season is being surrounded by all of the delectable treats that seem to be in every direction we turn.  We are NOT over exaggerating when we say everywhere either! You can imagine all of the amazing menus, wedding cakes, cupcakes and dessert trays are at the various events and weddings we plan.  Then, at Christmas we go home to our Parents’ and our Mom always has tons of homemade deliciousness paired with a mass of treat trays her friends give her.  It’s endless!

NO MORE RESTRICTIONS!We really feel it’s really important NOT to restrict yourself from the things you love when you are trying to stay healthy and it has been shown that this will only lead to over-indulgence.  Instead of totally depriving yourself of certain things like your favorite cookies that your Mom (sorry Mom) makes during the holidays, choose what you eat wisely.

Instead of having one of every treat, only have one or two of your very favorites. Think of it like a savings bank for calories.  You are saving them up for the grand prize. This one tip alone can save you hundreds of calories per day and we are going to try and make it our new mindset here at Events by L.

Let’s, for instance, say you have your office holiday party this Friday and you know you will be delighting in a merry little cocktail -or five!  If this sounds like something that could happen to you, then be aware of this Monday-Thursday and eat a little lighter or healthier throughout the week so you can reward yourself on Friday with those cocktails.  And please, by all means, ensure you have secured a Designated Driver or car service to get you home safely!

From Events by L-1Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah from your friends at Events by L! Cheers!

Do you have any tips that help you fight off those empty holiday calories? We’d love to hear them so please leave them below!

Here’s some other tips to check out if you are wanting to stay fit this holiday season:

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