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Stress-Free-Thanksgiving-Events-by-LThe holiday season has once again crept up on us and it’s time to get prepared for all of the upcoming holiday parties you will be throwing and attending. Events by L is beyond ready for all of our upcoming corporate and social events and we’ve been having such a fun time putting them together.

We thought we would share some of our favorite holiday ideas so that you can enjoy planning for your festivities too, rather than feel burdened. Today we are sharing some Thanksgiving tips so bring on the turkey!

Ina-Garten-Thanksgiving Tips

By Quentin Bacon

Don’t you just love watching cooking shows? There is something so euphoric and tranquil about watching someone cook. Our love for it originally came from none other than Julia Child herself, but as television evolved we came to love many others who have followed her, Ina Garten included. We just came across her 10 tips for a Stress-Free Thanksgiving on Good House Keeping and couldn’t agree with her more.

One of her rules is to never, ever test a new recipe on guests. Although it may sound like a no-brianer when it is read, we have a tendency to want to include something extra special to really treat your guests at your event.  That special something is typically one that you have not made before. Don’t do it, just don’t! Save yourself the stress of it and go with what you know.

EventsbyL2-Thanksgiving-planning-tipsHaving festive décor around your home is a must for entertaining. It really gets everyone into the spirit of things, and you don’t have to spend hours to make it happen either.

We fell in love with this beautiful and easy DIY thankful photo board that is worthy of showcasing on Thanksgiving Day as well as throughout the year. Thanks to our friend Whitney at Shanty 2 Chic, you can easily re-create this with her amazing tutorial and free printable letters.

These burlap and glitter place cards from our friend Kelly at Typically Simple are an easy way to make your turkey day table stand out. Guests will love finding their seat with these adorable place cards. What we love about them, aside from how easy they are to make is that you can customize them to fit your table beautifully.

PlanDecide what you can prepare ahead of time and do it. Whether it is putting together dishes in advance so that they are ready to throw in the oven on the day of, or just chopping vegetables prior, do what you can and you will be so thankful you did.

Set the table the day before or more if you are able to. Your guests will arrive and see your beautiful tablescape rather than you running around trying to set up everything.

Happy planning, and we hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

The L’s!


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