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Are you ready for your close up?

Tips to make you photogenic, wedding planningIn today’s world of Instagramming, Tweeting, Pinning, Tumbling, Face-booking, and every other app out there, we understand the importance of taking a good photo and looking your best in a photo. I am sure we have all had that cringe-worthy moment when we receive a notification that we have been tagged in someone’s photo only to look and see the sheer horror of ourselves in the most unflattering angle, lighting, whatever the case may be, being spread all over the world wide web. It is horrendous!Photo tips, look great in photos, weddings, illinois, chicagoland, wedding planners

In our line of work planning weddings, corporate events, and well anything worth celebrating it is very rare not to have a camera nearby and we love being able to capture intricate details and moments at every event we coordinate. It is a very important part of our growth as planners to document different aspects, as well as to showcase our amazing work that our blood (mostly Laurie’s), sweat, and sometimes tears go into.

How to look good in pictures, wedding pictures, events, wedding planning

It doesn’t really matter where you go today, someone will be there snapping some sort of photograph. Get ahead of the game and get your go-to pose ready now so that way you will never again be captured with a triple chin, or any unpleasantness the untrained photo pose can create.How to look amazing in photos, wedding photos, special events

Here’s 16 tips to make you Oh-So photogenic by Allison Hutchins over on Brit+Co. Read it, learn it, and live it! Tip #15 is a real gem!!!!

Get the tips HERE!

Enjoy and have fun looking your best in ever photo! We’d love to see some of your new and improved pics of you and your friends celebrating your upcoming events!

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Handsome man in apron via Events by L

Camera image pin on Pinterest Found on beauty.allwomenstalk.com

Group shot pin on Pinterest Found on brebeauty.com

Before and after shot pin on Pinterest Found on refinery29.com

5 thoughts on “16 Tips to Make You Oh-So Photogenic | Events by L |Chicagoland’s Premier Wedding and Event Planning Experts

  1. In this world of social media, one should always be camera ready. People tend to snap photos of everything and a person may get caught in the background. Thanks for the great post!

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