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You spend months or more planning for your dream wedding day, you spend days and/or weeks planning for your soirees and events. What fun is it once the day gets here if you are not looking or feeling your best?

Simply Perfect Makeup

Since makeup plays such a vibrant role in making people look their best – which in turn helps you feel your best we wanted to introduce you to our friend Molly Krause, Lead Makeup Artist at Simply Perfect. She is one of their high end professional makeup artists serving Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.

Molly Krause, Simply Perect Makeup

Meet Molly!

Hello, and welcome to the blog Molly! Please, tell our brides and clients a little bit about yourself and how you can help them out.


When I started Simply Perfect Makeup Artists, I wanted to create a team of highly trained artists that specialize in wedding day makeup. A team that understands what brides are looking for in their wedding day makeup, and how to best serve them! My artists and I all LOVE weddings, and we love being there to make everyone in the bridal party feel beautiful and confident; whether they are bridesmaids, mothers, or grandmothers. We are passionate about our work, and love making others feel happy.
Simply Perfect Makeup Our team travels to YOU. Picture your wedding day. You wake up and we show up. No stress, no traveling, no worries. We bring everything we need to you, each bridesmaid, mother, and grandmother gets out of our chairs looking gorgeous and photo-ready.

The Simply Perfect experience is so much more than when you get your makeup done at a makeup counter or salon. We don’t sell any products, only provide service. And customer service is what we are all about. We have multiple artists available to you. Each of our artists arrive on time, ready to work. We bring makeup chairs, lights, and usually an assistant to keep things moving quickly and to be an extra set of hands for you and your bridal party.

Wedding Day Photo, makeup via Simply Perfect Makeup Your makeup  has to look good across four mediums. You have to look good on camera, on video, on Iphones and other smartphones, and most importantly, in person. With today’s HD technology, this is SO important. You hired a professional photographer, having professional makeup is a MUST. Pictures are one of the only things left over after your wedding, don’t you want to look back and see yourself flawless, gorgeous, and as your best self?

Lets talk value for a minute. As in all industries, there is a price range involved in makeup services. Our prices are determined by the value of what we provide. I encourage you to think twice before making a decision based solely on price. Does the artist have a portfolio of beautiful, professional images? How much makeup-specific training and experience do they have? Are they easy to contact? Do they do business professionally, with a contract that protect both the artist AND you? Do they offer previews to ensure they can provide what you are looking for? Do they have good reviews online? Do they come recommended by other wedding vendors? What do they provide beyond just the makeup? Do they have multiple artists available to accommodate any size party?

Wedding Day MakeupMy company has all of these questions covered. You get what you pay for and more, I personally guarantee it.

Thanks so much for being with us today Molly!

If you have any questions for Molly, would like to secure Simply Perfect services, or want to check out the gallery you can visit us at, on facebook at, or contact Molly directly at




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