A Bride’s Guide – Most Important Wedding Day Tasks (Part 2) Plus Free Printable Checklist | Events by L | Illinois Wedding and Event Planning Specialists

A bride's Guide Part 2 For Illinois Brides and Grooms

Today we conclude our checklist with Part 2 of our Bride’s Guide’s Most Important Wedding Day tasks for all of you soon to be Bride’s and Groom’s in Illinois and beyond.

We put together this list based on knowing the importance each of these wedding day tasks weigh on your wedding day and how they can easily be over looked.  As promised we have also included a free printable checklist for you to download and print out at the end so you don’t miss a beat and to help your wedding day have a seamless flow.

Events by L's Bride's Guide Wedding Day Checklist Guest Book – At your rehearsal determine who will set this up, where it will be set up, and please be sure to have a pen with the book.

Gift Table – You will want to have a person in charge of collecting your cards and gifts. If you are leaving for your honeymoon following your wedding day let the person in charge know where to drop them off at or when you will be back to pick them up. Even if you state gifts are not needed someone will usually still bring a gift or card for you so have this in mind so you are not stuck boarding any items on your way to Bora Bora.

Events by L Wedding Day Guest BookHerd guests – If you are having a bubble blowing grand exit, sparklers, or any other fun additions that your guests will be involved in, be prepared. So you have all of the bubbles or sparklers ready at the church. Terrific, but they just might get left behind unless you have your ushers and/or hostesses informing guests as they enter as to what is going to happen next.

Make a note of it on your programs so no one is left out of the loop. Designate several people to herd your guests throughout the day or there is a great chance that you will veer off schedule, run overtime, and miss out on certain events that you were wanting photographed on your Big Day.

Wedding Vendor Love from Events by L Vendor Tips – Since your vendors are contracted for a certain amount of hours during your event it is a good idea to designate someone to distribute their vendor tips during the event. Chances are this person will not have dissected each and every contract like Events by L does so they will not have the scheduled times for vendors engraved in their heads.

Pick a time where you know all of the vendors will still be there and no one will be missed. It could be at the beginning of the reception, or after the meal is served, whatever works best for your itinerary. These vendors work extremely hard for their bride and grooms and it means a lot to be shown appreciation for all of their hard work and dedication so don’t forget to tip them.

Events by L, Wedding PlannersNow for the Bride and Groom, listen up! Sit back, try to take as many pauses as you can and mental pictures throughout the day. Just let everything fall into place and allow it to soak in. It will all be over before you know it.

In case you missed it, check out Part 1 and then snag yourEvents by L's Bride's Guide Wedding Day Checklist


2 thoughts on “A Bride’s Guide – Most Important Wedding Day Tasks (Part 2) Plus Free Printable Checklist | Events by L | Illinois Wedding and Event Planning Specialists

  1. In a wedding the bride has her song but there is no entrance song for the groom. There is now. “Sweetheart – The Groom’s Song”. The song declares the groom’s love for his bride as he walks out. Quite emotional. It’s also great for the first dance. I have a 1 minute version coming out. Feel free to use it. Look for “Sweetheart” at ReverbNation.com/GrantStott

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