A Bride’s Guide – Most Important Wedding Day Tasks (Part 1) | Events by L | Illinois Wedding and Event Planning Specialists

A Brides Wedding Guide, Events by L

The combination of all of the details leading up to your Wedding Day on top of your nerves mixed with excitement can really make a bride and groom’s head spin. No matter how prepared you might think you are for this event, there are bound to be a few items that pop up that you may not have planned for or even considered.

If you didn’t budget for a wedding planner than the best piece of advice for your wedding planning is to designate!

On your wedding day you are going to be very busy not only will you be taking photos, mingling with all of your guests, dancing, and much more. You are not going to have time to clean up flowers after your ceremony, pack up your gift table, or herd all of your guests from one location to the other.

We have put together a list so important it needs 2 parts! Save your sanity and designate someone to handle these items for you so you can enjoy your big day. Please note that this should not be someone in your wedding party or immediate family as they will be involved in your formal pictures not allowing them to handle tasks throughout the day.

Wedding Tasks to Designate, Events by L

Food Delivery – Pre-order food delivery to wherever the bridesmaids and groomsmen are getting ready. It is very important to eat and stay hydrated as much as possible to look and feel your best on your Big Day. Have someone drop off sandwiches or deli trays from Costco or Sam’s Club for some budget friendly options. Be sure to give the designated person the time and location so it will not interfere with any other events happening during the pre-wedding hours.

Thank your wedding Guest.  Events by L

Family Flowers – Have a person available at the church or ceremony location that can distribute flowers to family and attendants not at the bridal suite or wherever the bridal party will be receiving their bouquets. Even if you have a wedding planner it is a good idea to designate a cousin or relative not in the party to distribute these items since your planners may not have met the grandparents, or any other relatives receiving boutonnieres or corsages.

Events by L the Illinois Wedding Planners

Post Ceremony Cleanup – Typically a grand exit, formal photographs, or other events will be taking place immediately following the ceremony. In addition to this, the church or venue will likely only allocate a very limited amount of time for your rental and cleanup. The last thing you are going to want to do after you just got married is go and clean up the rose petals, aisle runners, or any other props that were used at the wedding.

Point of Contact Persons – Designate 2 people that you trust to handle any questions or situations that happen throughout the day. Ideally you should not even know anything did not go as planned. Give all vendors 2 phone numbers and point of contacts that will be in charge of these items on your day and let them know to leave you out of it. You will be busy being married.

Stay tuned for next weeks part 2 of the list followed by a freebie!!!

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