7 Wedding Traditions That Will Blow Your Mind | Events by L | Illinois Wedding and Event Planners

KNOWToday it seems bride’s love to step out of the traditional wedding mold and tailor some, if not all elements of the Big Day exclusively to the couple.  We thought it would be fun to take a look back and share with you where these traditions historically stem from for a little food for thought.

Ever wonder why brides traditionally carry a bouquet? The answer might just surprise and even repulse you.Illinois Event and Wedding planners

Are you having trouble selecting your bridesmaid’s dresses? Did you know, back in the day bridesmaids were to dress exactly as the bride! Gasp!!!!! Can you even imagine? Find out why below.

It seems like more and more the times are changing and weddings are no exception to this. This awesome infographic (that we are in love with) from our friends at Jam + Toast and Weddingmix will clue you into the real origin of wedding traditions that will BLOW YOUR MIND!!!!!

Let us know what you think!

7 Wedding Traditions that will blow your mind



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