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Tere is sunshine in my soul today.  Wedding Weather Planning

The gloomy Chicagoland weather today reminds us that not every bride will be so lucky to have blue skies and sunshine for their wedding day. It’s just reality, and it’s easy for brides to add unnecessary stress regarding the weather on their big day so you really ought to be as best prepared for the weather as possible.

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If you are having an outdoor event we cannot stress how important a plan B is for your wedding day. You have to have a plan, even if the forecast is for the most gorgeous day of the year. You will decrease your stress level exponentially just knowing in the back of your mind that if anything should arise you have a plan and all vendors involved in your big day are aware and ready if any crazy Illinois weather should strike.

Illinois Wedding Planning, Events by L

If you know when and where you are getting married you can track the weather for your wedding day. The Weather Channel has put together a little wedding weather planner helper to provide you information regarding the weather for your big day.   You can also check out what the weather is normally like at your honeymoon destination before you depart so you can pack accordingly. That is pretty helpful.

Illinois Wedding Planners, Events by L

Just remember a little rain is not going to ruin your entire wedding day so try not to stress out if the weather is not picture-perfect on your big day. So many things can go wrong during a wedding and receptions that it is pointless to make a fuss over something you have no control over. Just embrace it. Unless of course you are having an outdoor ceremony and reception, in which case have that back up plan ready for action!

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7 thoughts on “Track Your Wedding Day Weather and Be Prepared | Events by L | Illinois Wedding and Event Planning Specialists

  1. Great read! If you HAVE to have an outdoors wedding, when selecting a venue, brides and grooms should always ask if there is an weather plan and what fees are associated with it/how far out they should make a decision to bring things inside.

  2. I did not know the weather channel had a wedding planning weather tool. Do you have a link?

  3. This is a great article. If you have a Bride who is worried about rain, and who isn’t when it comes to an April wedding, be sure to check out Rainaway Bride. It is a unique WHOLESALE dress cover that still doesn’t hide the dress and looks great in pictures.

  4. Great post. Weather is something that is completely out of anyone’s control, so it’s best to plan for all possibilities and when your plan b, c and d fall through, just roll with it and turn it into fun and memorable photo opportunities.

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