9 Shedding for the Wedding Weight Loss Tips

Wedding Work out tips

With your wedding day on its way you deserve to look and feel your best on one of the most important days of your life.  If you are looking to shed some pounds before the Big Day arrives here are 9 wedding weight loss tips that will help you put together an action plan to get you headed into the right direction.

1.  The sooner the better.

There is enough stress involved with planning for your wedding.  Do yourself a favor by making changes to your diet and exercise routine as soon as possible so you can lose weight at a steady and healthy pace.

Working out with the Gossip Girls

2.  Use the buddy system.

Pair up with one of your bridesmaids that is looking to lose weight as well.  Not only will you have some additional support to help you get through your work outs, but you will also have someone holding you accountable to work out.  It’s always good to have a support system when trying to lose weight but especially while doing so on top of planning a wedding.

3.  Come up with a work out plan.

If you have a gym membership that is wonderful, but it is not necessary to lose weight.  There are many work out dvd’s and videos you can purchase to get your fitness needs met.  There is also a variety of free online sources available for you to explore.  Come up with a routine that you enjoy doing and be sure to include a variety of exercises.

Work out Scheduler

4.  Schedule your workouts.

It is easy to fall victim to putting off your workouts because you are too busy or too tired.  Schedule your workouts into your calendar and stay committed to them.

5.  Set small realistic goals.

Don’t make your weight loss goal so unattainable that it will be nearly impossible to hit it.   Instead of trying to lose 75 lbs. between now and your date, focus on planning to lose a few lbs. each month leading up to your date.  It’s less astounding.

Events by L Shedding For the Wedding

6.  Make smart swaps and diet changes.

Making simple swap outs to certain items within your diet are a great way to shed some extra pounds without changing your entire diet.  It’s as easy as skipping mayo and substituting it for mustard, swap out the cream cheese on your morning bagel for Neufchatel cheese.

7.  Plan ahead.

Have healthy snacks readily available for you so when you are out running around taking care of the many tasks of planning your wedding you won’t be tempted to stopping for fast food when the hunger urge strikes.

8.  Become friends with your freezer.

The freezer can be a dieter’s best friend.  Keep it organized and place items in sections i.e., fruits, veggies, meats, poultry, etc.  This way you know right where to look when you want to make a fast smoothie for breakfast on the go.  Whenever you make a casserole or pasta sauce always double the recipe so you can freeze half for those nights that you get home late, or you just don’t know what to make.  Who needs fatty take out when you have a healthy meal ready to heat up in your freezer?

9.  Cut yourself a little slack.

Don’t be so hard on yourself if you need to do a little indulging every now and again.  It happens to the best of us.  Try to remember that no matter what happens you are marrying the love of your life and he loves you for you, not your dress size.

Start making these changes today and you will be ready for your big day!


The L’s

Photo Credit: Karen Asp, Julie Schott, and Events by L

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