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Alright VIB’s!  Get your pens and paper out because it is part 2 of the top 10 thing brides forget when going through your wedding planning that you really, really, really, REALLY, need to remember and keep in the back of your mind as your wedding day nears.  Let’s get into it!

Wedding Planning Ideas, wedding planning tips, Events by L, Illinois Wedding Planners6.  Don’t forget to show your gratitude.

We know your wedding day is all about you and your fiancé, but don’t forget to show your appreciation to everyone involved in making this day possible.  It is paramount to provide gifts to everyone that is involved in making this day possible.

For instance your parent’s or in-laws that are contributing or funding this celebration obviously deserve and will cherish a token of your appreciation.  Your wedding party merits a little something special as well, after all they are there to show support for you and your future husband’s new life together.

Everyone who plays a part in your Big Day deserves a gift and if you feel they don’t, then they should not be involved.

Wedding Gift Table Decor

7.  The Gift Table

You need a gift table and if possible have it placed right at or as close by the entrance as you can place it.    Even if you state on your invitations that gifts are not necessary, or you are wanting something in lieu of gifts, guests will bring gifts and they will certainly receive cards.

A gift table and a card box are an absolute necessity and will ensure that people will not be thrusting cards or gifts at you while they are greeting you in the receiving line or when you are visiting your guests at their designated tables.

Wedding Cake Cutters, Wedding Photography, Wedding Planning, Cheap Weddings8.  The cake cutter.

We’re not sure why but the most neglected item on the “in between” list is your cake cutlery.  These are not provided by your baker and it is very rare that your venue will have this on hand, and if they do will it even go with your décor?

The cake cutting is a huge event during the wedding reception and will be photographed so do not forget to select a gorgeous set that will tie together seamlessly with the rest of your day.  Don’t get stuck using a butter knife in your pictures, after all, it’s all about the details.

Marriage Certificate Photo, Events by L, Wedding Planners, Wedding Planning, Tips, Tricks9.  Your marriage certificate.

Don’t blow your day by forgetting to bring your marriage certificate so it can be signed following your ceremony.  If that license is not signed, you are not legally married so be sure that you get the process moving along and have it at the actual ceremony when your Big Day gets here.

An experienced officiant will help to keep you on track with the licensing procedures as well as ensuring it is there on your day.

Weddings, Wedding Planning, Wedding Help, Events by L

10.  Verify your plans.

This last one is only for the brides who do not have professional wedding planning assistance on your day.  You must check in with every single vendor that has been hired for your wedding at least a week before your wedding to make sure you are all on the same page.

Send itineraries to your wedding party so they know where to be and when.  Your vendors will be contacting you around a week prior to finalize all of the details so make sure to have your timeline ready to go so it can be coordinated if they contact you first.

This concludes our two part feature of the top 10 things most commonly forgotten by brides and now hopefully you better understand the importance of not overlooking these details.  There is so much to consider when planning that its easy to overlook a variety of items so we hope we have helped some of you.

We love to hear from our VIB’s and would love to know if there are any items that you overlooked or advice you have received during the wedding planning process that would be valuable to our community.  Feel free to leave a comment and be sure to like our Facebook page for your daily dose of inspiration, trends, tips, and advice for wedding planning.


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Photo Credit: Custom Thank You Card from Etsy via ChrissyWatson

Gift Table by Austin Gros

Cake Cutter from Etsy via jessicaNdesigns

Marriage Certificate from Pinterest pinned by Karla Crouch

Phone via weheartit.com

6 thoughts on “10 Biggest Things Brides Forget That They Need to Remember! (Part 2) | Events by L | Illinois Wedding and Event Planning Specialists

  1. Great list. There are always tons of details to take care of at a wedding and certain things can slip through the cracks!

  2. Love the reminders. All are very important but none as important as saying “thank you” and acknowledging those who chose to be a part of your day. I think many brides forget that their friends had a choice about standing up for them.

  3. Love this list, and your reference to Very Important Brides, hehehe! I totally agree with #6 the most, the people you select should receive some gratitude of the time, care, love, and money they put into the wedding

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