How to Choose Your Wedding Colors

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It’s amazing to us the just how many places wedding inspiration can come from. 

We thought we’d honor the Olympics and share some Bronze, Silver, and Gold wedding inspiration along with some tips for how to choose your wedding colors.  With so many color options out there, we know the process can be daunting.  Take a look at our Olympics themed inspiration while checking out some of our tips for making your color selections a piece of cake. 

1.  Use your favorite shades.

Is there a certain color you are always drawn to when you are out shopping for a top?

Do you have a favorite color that has been your fave since as far back as you can remember?  Bingo!  That’s what you want, colors that reflect YOU.  You don’t have to select radiant orchid because it is Pantone 2014 color of the year.  Pick the colors that you love the most and you will be so thankful you did 20 years from now when you are looking back at your wedding photographs.

Silver Wedding Decor, Table Decor, Events by L Weddings, Inspirations2.  What colors are used in your venue?

What colors are the carpets, walls, chairs, and etc.

Take this into account before you lock in your colors.  If the venue has really strong colors you may need to tone down your selection so that your wedding does not turn into a circus themed event.

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3.  Consider the season.

Let the colors of mother nature guide you with your selection.

If your Big Day is a summer event pastels are a great selection  For fall reds, rusts, golds, maroons, and oranges are typically affiliated with this time of year.

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If you still need some help in making your color selections, email us or give us a call so we can give you the expert assistance you need.  Feel free to check out our Pinterest boards for some incredible color combinations and inspiration as well.

What colors are you using for your wedding day?

Leave a comment and let us know your selections and any tips that you found helpful with making your selection.

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