DIY Paper Roses – For Your Wedding?

With the endless options of DIY projects for weddings, parties, home décor and more, we thought it would be fun to start our own little DIY section to the blog.  We will be testing out different DIY ideas that can be used for your wedding as well as many other events in your life.  We may triumph, and we may fail, but darn it we are going to DIY and test things out for you!

First up on the list DIY paper flowers.  Paper flowers are popping up everywhere these days so we thought it’d be great to try our hand at them to see what goes into these little gems.  You may have even read that some brides are choosing to forgo fresh flowers for paper ones to help cut costs in their budget.  So how hard can it be?

Thanks to the Elli Blog we were able to print out a nice little template for the DIY paper roses and you could even print in several colors, or there is a white template that you could use on whatever color paper you chose.  We used regular old printer paper and selected white and the blush template for our roses.


All the supplies needed to make the paper roses we had right on hand.  Just printer paper, scissors, a glue gun, and a bamboo stick.

Then, we followed this nice pictorial from the Ellie Blog:DIY Paper Flowers Tutorial

And the cutting began…..

DIY Paper Flower Tutorial

After making the first one, it got easier and easier, and each rose turned out better than the first.

DIY paper flowers, paper roses, wedding flowers

Not too shabby!  It seemed a little time-consuming at first, but as mentioned it did get easier as we went along.  Would we recommend flowers for a grand event such as your wedding day.  That’s definitely a personal choice.  If you are being budget conscious it would definitely be cost-effective to have paper floral arrangements scattered throughout your venue, perhaps in the bathrooms instead of fresh bouquets, on the bar area, cocktail tables, your throw away bouquet, etc..

If you are going to DIY your own flowers for your wedding be prepared.  Give yourself PLENTY of time!  It took several hours to create just five flowers, now keep in mind we did have some interruptions but it still took time so you want to allow for plenty so you are not pressured.

To try your hand at the DIY paper roses head over to the Elli Blog and get the free printout HERE as well as check out many DIY tutorials there.  We’d love for you to share your creations as well!

We definitely see more DIY paper flowers in Events by L’s future.  Maybe a garland, a back drop, who knows.  Stay tuned for the next DIY installment!

DIY paper flowers, paper roses, weddings


The L’s

8 thoughts on “DIY Paper Roses – For Your Wedding?

  1. Heyy thank you for this simple and great tutorial. Paper roses are something which are really preferred a lot. Must say though the flowers are artificial but it looks the same as original ones which we collect from gardens. Great job will sure try this.

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