Is your wedding ready for some football?

Hello everyone!  You know the L’s at Events by L love all things worth celebrating and the Super Bowl is definitely one of them!  Food, friends, drinks, and football are perfect ingredients for a Sunday Funday Night.  But do you think football and weddings should mix?

In honor of the super bowl on Sunday we thought it would be fun to pull together different football themed wedding ideas from around the web.

Foot ball weddings, Events by L. Wedding PlanningFootball, wedding ring, engagement photo, wedding planning, Events by L

football wedding. place cards, wedding planning, events by l

These little football place cards are the perfect touch for a football themed wedding! 

wedding cake, weddings, football

What’s a wedding with out cake, if you are going to have a football themed wedding you have to incorporate it in the cake!

football themed wedding cake, weddings, wedding cakeweddings, themed, football, wedding

These cups would be perfect for the before wedding events.  It’s a great way to tie the theme all together.

Wedding Receptiion, wedding ceremony exit, weddingsGreat grand entrance shot!

So, what do you all think?  Should weddings and football mix and would you ever?

Photo Credits: 1.  Art+Life Photography, 2. Mark Romine Photography,  3. 4., 5. Gabrielle Touchette Photography 6.  Tiffany Hughes from Lucky Photography 7.  Maria Velarde

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