5 Brilliant Tricks That Will Make Your Wedding Planning Easy – From the Experts

Sure you’ve heard it before, “it’s all in the details.”  When it comes to planning a wedding this could not be more accurate.  There are so many things that can go wrong on your wedding day and unless you have planned numerous amounts of weddings like we have you might want to check out our list of brilliant tricks to make your wedding planning easy. 

Wedding planning tips you need to know

These ideas are simple and seem obvious to us but if you are like many of our VIB’s odds are you haven’t  thought of these seemingly no brainer ideas .  Check out these solutions that will no doubt make your wedding day go much smoother and help your planning along the way.

1.  We have selected this as our number one trick because every time we mention it every woman who has planned her own wedding says, “WHY didn’t I think of that!”  Number your RSVP cards so each one corresponds to a guest.  Odds are you will have at least one RSVP come back illegible or filled out incorrectly.  Do your self a favor and mark each card with a number, letter, or something fun that pertains to your theme.  If you want to be incognito pick up an invisible ink pen.  You can thank us later.

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2.  If you forgot to pick up a handy little envelope sealer from your local office supply store, all you have to do is take a bowl of water and a foam brush or sponge and you can save your tongue the awful envelope glue flavoring, and also a Seinfeld incident for those of you who know.

3.  When you come and visit us at the McHenry County Living Magazine Bridal Fair Sunday, February 23rd at Park Place in Crystal Lake, make sure to have pre-printed address labels to hand out to make filling out all of the forms a breeze.  Your hands will thank us for you!

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4.  Pick up some tiny veil weights to keep your headpiece from flying away and possibly ruining your gorgeous hair do that you paid good money to have done for your Big Day!

5.  If you are receiving cash gifts for money for the honeymoon or just good old cash then be sure to educate yourself on your banks polices for cashing and depositing checks for a joint checking account.  It would be pretty awful to receive checks that you can’t deposit and then have to ask the guests to re-write a new one.

What are some of the best ingenious tips you have received while planning your wedding?  Leave a comment below and let us know.  (We rhyme)

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