Our Dazzling Blue and Gold Wedding Mood Board Has Us Feeling Blue!

It’s Mood Board Monday and our dazzling blue and gold wedding mood board has us feeling blue in a good way!  We put together a mood board with two of the hottest color trends of spring 2014.  It is so elegant, chic, and versatile that we can’t get enough of it and look forward to seeing it frequently this spring.

Dazzling Blue and Gold Mood Board From Events bl L Wedding PlanningDuring the winter season the blue and gold color combination provides us with a rich navy and warm color palette to play off of introducing various winter tones of oranges, dark shades of greens, and more.  Yet in the summer the colors get a toned down, pastel shaded makeover.  It is classic and sophisticated and invites hues of pink, ivory, or greens, oh my!  The possibilities!

There is a reason that blue and gold is a classic combination and maybe it’s because it is flattering to everyone, or maybe because you can pair it with so many different shades and color schemes, but whatever it is we love it and we hope that our mood board will inspire you.

Having a vision and seeing it come to life is the best part of the wedding planning process and what our VIB’s look forward to the most.  We would love to see what color combinations you are selecting for your upcoming nuptials.  It’s so fun to see all of the variations you brides come up with that are so unique and special to you!  Leave a comment below and send us a picture so we can see your visions!


The L’s

Photo Credit:

Flags:  Beaux Arts Photographie

Tie: Designed by John Varvatos via lover.ly

Table:  Katie Pietrowski Photography

Hers:  Studio222 Photography

Dress:  www.ikgift.com

Feather: laurenconrad.com

9 thoughts on “Our Dazzling Blue and Gold Wedding Mood Board Has Us Feeling Blue!

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  2. I love this vision board, it really helps not only the bride and groom, but also the planner to be able to see that everyone is on the same page. I love the color scheme of blue and gold, they compliment each other nicely.

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