10 Things You Need To Do First Now That You’re Engaged


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  1. Start your wedding planner.
  • Make you wedding Pinterest board – we suggest a secret board so your other newly engaged besties don’t steal your awesome ideas!  Fill it with all of your favorite ideas and pieces of inspiration that you come across.  Be sure to follow us on Pinterest since we are constantly updating and adding the hottest wedding trends and information.

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  1. Plan and throw your engagement party!
  • Of course we love all things worth celebrating, but an engagement party is a MUST!  It’s an opportunity for friends and family to come together and get acquainted in a fun environment before your wedding day!

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  1. Pick your reception site.
  2. Pick a date!
  • Crazy right?  I am sure you have read endless blogs and have seen #3 and #4 reversed, well now that’s because we’re the experts. J  Pick your venue first then select your date.  Before you fall in love with a venue to later find out that they are booked for your date you have chosen.  EXCEPTION TO THE RULE being that you have in mind a sentimental date that you can not work around, of course.

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  1. Get professional engagement photos taken.
  2. Determine your budget and be sure to allot for your “oh shit!” fund.
  3. Make a wedding website.
  • Seriously these wedding websites are so cool!  You can get as creative as you want to by including intimate stories and pictures that will ultimately paint a picture for all of your guests.  You can also include itinerary and information for out of town guests and so much more.  We highly recommend creating a wedding website!

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  1. Consider a planner or coordinator.
  • Planning isn’t easy so be sure to consider hiring a professional.  Tight budget, no problem!  We completely cater our packages to each clients needs.  We understand the importance of having help and guidance throughout the planning process.  Do you have family and friends offering to help with all of the planning?  Terrific!  But why not leave your wedding day to the experts and allow your family and friends to be included within your day.  How are your bridesmaids going to be in your photographs if they are running around setting up your décor and meeting with your vendors to ensure everything is set up to your vision?  Don’t you want your family to see you walking down the aisle?  Let them help by hiring the pros and allow them to be included in your wedding.

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9.  Find your wedding dress!

  • Every girls dream.  Enjoy it and be sure to have a camera on hand to capture this moment!

10.  Start a guest list.

  • This can be a daunting task so start right away and you will avoid feeling overwhelmed.

If you are in need of expert assistance call  847-350-9330 or email us today at info@eventsbyL2.com and we will work our magic and plan the wedding of your dreams.

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