Attention New Brides – Are You In This 6%?

So, we stumbled upon an article/poll from 2010 this week written by Tacori.  In case you are not familiar with Tacori they are leaders in designing platinum and diamond engagement rings, and wedding rings.  Anywho,  the article was titled “Should Engagement Rings be a Suprise?”  They conducted a poll to gather everyone’s’ take on this debate.  Their findings were rather interesting!

Engagement Ring

According to TACORI’s 2010 survey the following was discovered:

  • “Although many women love the romantic idea of a surprise, fewer than 25% of women want the proposal to be a complete surprise.”;
  • “Almost 70% of women agree that SHE should have some sort of input on the ring – but that the proposal itself should be a surprise.”; and 
  • “A small percentage, 6%, want to jointly plan both the ring and the engagement with their partner.” 

Wedding Rings

Are you the 6% of women (and potentially more since the survey was completed about 4 years ago now) that want to plan the ring AND the actual engagement?

We want to hear from you what your thoughts are on this topic, and if you are ENGAGED did you pick out your own ring and did you have any involvement in planning your engagement proposal?

Brides, diamonds, wedding rings

We can’t wait to see your responses!  You can email, Facebook, Tweet, or let us know your thoughts by snail mail even!

We will let you know what we find out!!!

Photo Credit in Order: Uploaded to Pinterest, Anonomously, via Ginny W, via Mackenzie Haubner

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