Wedding Budget Advice and Free Calculator – Guest Post

We love wedding budget advice and free… well anything, but especially tools to help out couples throughout the wedding planning process.

Once you start your wedding planning you quickly discover the endless details, time, and money that it takes to pull a wedding off.  There are reasons many new brides spend a year or more planning their Big Day, it’s not usually because they want to wait an entire year to marry.  Sure it’s nice to have the time to leisurely plan for your dream wedding, but for a lot of couples they require the year of planning for financial reasons.

We make it our business to share wedding planning tips, tricks, and trends with you so today we are sharing a great tool that our friend: Jenny Creno at the insider will explain for you.  This wedding budget advice article and free calculator are great tools for any bride to be whether you are just starting the process or have already selected a few vendors there is great advice in here for everyone!  Thanks for putting this together Jenny!

THE INSIDER – September 30th, 2013
budget wedding tipsSoon after couples announce their engagement, planning the wedding becomes one of the first financial obstacles that the couple has to overcome together. The best thing to do is to learn about typical trends when it comes to planning a wedding and what mistakes lead to the most financial failures amongst couples during this process. Should you put everything on credit cards? Or create a separate checking account specifically for wedding expenses to avoid overspending? The infographic below highlights information from couples who have gone through this process, wedding planners, and event coordinators to give newly engaged couples a few tips on how to save on their wedding, avoid financial conflicts, and lastly and most importantly the benefits of stress free well planned wedding. Want even more advice? Check out more tips on our community page, and our wedding budget calculator.Those redundant words, your wedding day is just one day, may very well be the truth. But society has given us Bridezillas, Say Yes to the Dress!, and all the jazz to keep us wanting that one big day, to be one very big day. Don’t get caught up in the fuss, and listen to the advice from people who have been through this process before.

Financial Advice For Wedding Planning from Credit Card Insider

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