Hello 2014 and Lake Counties Bridal Fair!

Welcome 2014!  We are so happy and excited for what you have in store.  First up for this weekend we have a wedding, bridal shower, new client meetings, and we are going to wrap things up at Lake Counties Bridal Fair on Sunday.  Whew!  We are starting off this year with a bang.  Thank goodness we are lucky enough to love what we do and do what we love, often!

While we keep the coffee coming we want to wish many blessings for  you in the coming year in every way imaginable, and in some ways that you can’t.  A very wise man gave us these wishes so we want to spread them along to you and yours!

Happy New Years to you all and for all you BRIDES out there come and see us and all of our friendors (vendor friends) at the Lake County Bridal Fair this Sunday January 5th from 12-3pm!  Register for Lake Counties Largest Bridal Fair today.  We can’t wait to see you!

Lake Counties Largest Bridal Fair


For expert assistance call  847-350-9330 or email us today at info@eventsbyL2.com and we will work our magic and plan the wedding or event of your dreams.

Be sure to like us on facebook too for more inspiration!

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