Not Quite 100 Ideas For A Winter Wedding

We know it’s Christmas Eve but at Events by L we love weddings especially winter weddings!  We can’t get enough of them actually and are very passionate about them.  There is something very romantic about a winter wedding though and we were overjoyed when we came across Bridal Guide’s 100 ideas for winter weddings.  We wanted to share some of them with you today. 

Speaking of romantic, the picture above of the horse-drawn sleigh is the perfect transportation for a winter wedding day.

A pretty cape such as the one shown above will keep you from freezing for outdoor pictures.  If your mother, grandmother, or any relative have one you could use that as your “something borrowed” while also staying nice and toasty.

Don’t have a faux fur cape?  A winter white coat will do the trick and looks great with a gown.

We love these slippers to have in your bridal suite.  They will keep your bridal party’s feet warm while you are getting ready and will be a great gift for them to remember your special day each time they wear them at home after. 

Bold red lips are perfect for winter weddings and holiday events as well!  It is so festive and a simple way to create such a dramatic effect to one’s face.  Wear red lips to your office party and just wait and see how many compliments you get! 

If you are lucky enough to have snow on your Big Day, be sure to capture it.  We love this photo of the bride being walked down the aisle in the snow.  It’s breathtaking. 

We think this would be a great idea for save the date cards.  Don’t you?

This really is the perfect first holiday card as a married couple.  We love all of the trees.  There are so many outdoor elements you can incorporate in décor for a winter wedding.  You can create a wide variety of décor on a low budget when it comes to winter events, but that is a whole other blog post.

WOW!  This is a gorgeous, luminous, magical, snow covered forest themed reception

Go ahead, take a moment to get the “ooh’s” and “ahh’s” out of the way from these amazing icicle inspired centerpieces and frosty up lighting in this picture. 


hese white birch branches are adorned with feathers, white orchids, and crystals.  What is not to love here? And those chair covers, get out of here!  It’s all so amazing!

Budget brides this one is for you!  These white-painted vases topped with baby’s breath are stunning and so affordable!

This is the perfect winter wedding color theme.  We love how they mixed richly-hued high and low centerpieces along the tables.  We hope the bride was wearing red on her lips for this reception.


Ok, here are just a few more images that we adore!  You can see all 100 ideas by clicking here.





Ok, ok, we’ll stop for today!  We hope you have a beautiful, safe holiday and a Merry Christmas!

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