Wedding Trend Alert You Need To Know!


As wedding and event planning experts we get to see first hand how important it is for you to look and feel your best during any special occasion.  We love keeping up with the wedding and fashion trends and today we are happy to share one of our favorites with you.


Rent the Dress

Dress rentals are perfect for any special occasion from New Years parties to the office.  It is a really nice option for brides that want their bridesmaids to stand out from all the rest, but not have to spend a fortune on a dress they will only wear once.  Your bridesmaids will be happy to wear a designer dress for very little money and feel extra special during your wedding.  It’s the perfect solution to dress picking woes.

Need to look your best at you company’s holiday party or trying to nail a promotion?  Rent an extravagant dress that will get you noticed or a power suit to nail your next meeting and have you feeling on top of your game.

Whatever the special occasion you can be sure a ‘new to you’ designer rental will have you feeling confident and ready to celebrate any event.

Some of our favorite online rental sites are:

If you are completely new to this trend here is how it works in a nutshell.  Select your attire and you get to rent it for a few days, usually 4, then you just send it back with the included postage and it’s as easy as that.  Although policies vary most cover the dry-cleaning, and insurance is included within your rental fee.

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