What is a Bridal Luncheon?

Are you planning your wedding and unsure on whether to have a bridal luncheon or even what one is?  You are not alone and we’ve got you covered!

A bridal luncheon historically was an informal gather that took place the day before the wedding.  It was a way to get all of the bridesmaids together for a no fuss lunch or tea.

Today these luncheons can take place anywhere and at any time, typically no more than two weeks prior to the wedding

While it is not mandatory to host a luncheon it is a very nice gesture that allows the bride to treat the bridesmaids, moms, and grandmas to lunch at this time and to thank them for all of the help, love and support throughout the wedding planning process or lifelong.  This is the time to give out your bridesmaids gifts as well.

The luncheon is a great way to introduce everyone so that all are comfortable with one another for the Big Day.

We have seen luncheons held in various fashions from brides treating everyone to mani’s/ped’s, sit down dinners at a posh restaurant, an informal party at someone’s home, some brides take this time to get everyone together if they need help with any DIY décor also.


No matter what type of event you decide to host just be sure to take the time to toast your bridesmaids and loved ones.  This is your time to bond, reminisce, and have fun together.

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