Tutorial Tuesday DIY Favors For any Event

We are just finishing up the last batch of favours for one of our events this week and decided we would make it our Tutorial Tuesday post.  They are simple, adorable, and something everyone can make and guests appreciate getting to walk away from a wedding, holiday party, or company event with something not only that they will use but is also edible.

Gourmet Cinnamon Stick Favors.  Ceylon cinnamon has many different health benefits and looks so pretty inside the vintage mason jars.  Here is the finished project:

DIY Party Favors

What you need






There you have it!  We will be making many more of these in the upcoming weeks to come to fill with a nice bottle of wine or champagne to give at our upcoming holiday parties.

What are some DIY favors or gift ideas you will be creating this holiday season?  Leave a post below and for more inspiration follow us on facebook, twitter, pinterest!  


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