Wedding Registry Etiquette and Do’s From the Experts


With the holiday season in full swing, we’ve got gifts on the mind.  What better time than now to touch on a topic that we get a lot of FAQ’s about?

Wedding Registries

When or how soon should I register?

We get asked this by nearly every bride to be.  The truth is, there is no set timeline for registering.  It’s been our experience that it is better to register sooner than later.  This should be a fun wedding project for you and the groom to do together and not stress over.

That being said, the registry can get a bit time consuming so it is better to get this out of the way in the pre-planning stages before your life gets too consumed by the multitude of decisions you will be making once you really dive into the huge planning process.  Also, some of your guests may prefer to shop early, especially if you are going to be having a longer engagement and they may want to use some of your registry gifts for other holidays or birthday gifts to ensure you get the items you wish for.

If you are strapped for time you can always use your lunch break to register online while getting in your nutrients.

What should I register for?

Early registration allows you to keep tabs on your registry which is a must.  You want to have plenty of different options and price points.  If your guests go onto your registry and there is no items lift within their budget, they are likely to go off and buy something on their own that you may not want or need.  A good rule of thumb is to register for 3 items for each guest.  If you have sent out 100 invitations, have 300 gifts selected at different price points.

Where should I register?

It’s best to register at a minimum of 3 places to allow guests to shop where they are comfortable.  Online registries are always great and allow for out of town guests who can’t attend to easily access your registry and purchase a suggested item.

One of the best pieces of advice that our future brides adore us for is that many places will offer you specials on the leftover items in your registry after your wedding date.  Don’t be afraid to register for big ticket items.

Even if you know that it is unlikely that the $3,500 armoire you have to have is not going to be purchased by your attendants still register for it.  Then, be sure to register for gift cards for that store so that you can use them toward the purchase after your wedding at a discounted rate.  Typically stores offer 10% off all items left in your registry after your date.  For a $3,500 armoire that is a nice chunk of change off that you would otherwise not have the opportunity to receive.  Happy wedding to you!

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