Thanksgiving Tips, Décor, & More

Thanksgiving is right around the corner so to kick this week of event planning off we thought we would get in the spirit and share some Thanksgiving inspiration with you all today!

From food to décor we have scoured the blogosphere for some ‘Pinspiring’ attributes that we hope you can incorporate into your Thanksgiving party planning.

Let’s get things started with this amazing tip that we L’s are kicking ourselves because we didn’t come up with this one ourselves.

What a brilliant way to make the most beautiful crust for your pumpkin pie or whatever you will be indulging on this coming Turkey Day!

We have to include a free Thanksgiving Subway Art Printable for you compliments of How to Nest For Less.  It’s all ready for you to print out, frame, display, and enjoy!

Next up, we found some great tables capes.  Be sure to leave plenty of room for all of that food your loved ones will be enjoying.

This simply decorated table is elegant and simple allowing the main focus to be your loved ones and the amazing food!  We love the tree centerpiece and would definitely recommend making some adorable hanging tags for guest to each write things they are wishful for on.  Some fall covered leaf cutouts would be the icing on the cake.

If you don’t have one of these fabulous trees hanging around the house, no problem!  Simply trim some branches from a tree or pick up some decorative branches from your local craft or brick and mortar store.  Toss them in a beautiful metallic vase or whatever goes with your table decor and hang the leaves from it.

Other options include:

We would be very thankful for this table and seating:

(add to wishlist)

Since we are extremely detail oriented we don’t want you to forget the chairs.  Even if you simply tie a fall themed ribbon, these little touches will go a long way and make for an extra special setting this Thanksgiving.

We love everything about this next one.  It’s wonderful, the rustic barn table to the china to the simplicity of the pumpkins on the candlesticks.  Just perfect!

Ok, so you have the table and décor set, the bird’s cooking and the house is consumed with mouth watering fragrances but what about after the meal?  How do you keep your sanity and get through the clean up portion of the day?

We’ve got you covered!  We’ve all been there during the chaotic clean up time of parties and events.  Guests will politely ask, “Do you need any help?”  Of course you do but you are too busy trying to play Mrs. Hostess with the most-ess that you are too busy to stop and answer them so you simply say, “No thanks!”  Meanwhile you run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off.  Well not anymore!

Thanks to this blog post from our friends at StoneGable and some dollar store dishpans you can incorporate your guests as backup and have fun while getting it done!

Check out this amazing tip here and you will definitely be thankful you did.  It’s a MUST for this holiday and every one following.

On behalf of the Events by L family we truly hope these pieces of inspiration and tips help you to have a wonderful Thanksgiving that you can enjoy with your closest and dearest.  Stay tuned for more great tips and inspiration and if you are impatient, be sure to like us on facebook, follow us on Tumblr, Twitter, and Pinterest for you daily dose.


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