5 Veterans Day Facts and 8 Famous Vets

In honor of all who have served our country Events by L would like to share some interesting facts about our Veterans and share some famous ones you may not have know about.  Thank you tall all of the Vets who have given so much for us!

  • Veteran’s Day pays tribute to ALL veterans, living or passed where as Memorial Day pays tribute solely to those who have lost their lives in combat.
  • The holiday was originally called “Armistice Day” which honored the end of World War I.  In 1954 President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the bill that changed the day’s name to Veterans Day.
  • According to the census bureau if you live in Florida, Texas or Cali, chances are you have a neighbor who is a vet.  Those three states each have more than one million people who served.
  • The USPS is the largest employer of veterans employing over 130,000 vets.
  • If all of the veterans in America were to start their own country they would have more people than in Romania.  There are over 21.8 million veterans that live in the US.

Famous Vets:

  • Drew Carey spent six years in the Marine Corps Reserve.
  • Elvis Presley spent two years posted in Germany as part of the 1st medium tank Battalion, 32nd Armor.
  • Bill Cosby trained as a hospital corpsman and worked with Korean War Vets in the Navy.  He played on their track, basketball, and football teams as well.  He then used the GI Bill to finance his education at TempleUniversity.
  • Alan Alday from M*A*S*H served a six month tour as a gunnery sergeant in Korea in the late 1950s.
  • Chuck Norris learned martial arts while stationed in Korea with the Air Force.
  • Montel Williams won numerous awards and metals during his military career and received degrees in engineering and Russian from elite service academies.  He was a Special Duty Intelligence officer who specialized in Cryptology.  (Psst…that is the science of coding and decoding secret messages.)
  • Julia Child was an intelligence officer with the wartime Office of Strategic Services in World War II.
  • MC Hammer served 3 years in the Navy.

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