Your wedding is not a photoshoot

When researching photographers for your upcoming nuptials it is important to keep in mind multiple factors.  This post from our friend Carli at Posh & Posy is a must read for any bride to be.

A few things you need to consider and factor for is time.  Even though you have a photographer for 8 hours, or possibly more you still need to run a tight ship when it comes to your wedding day schedule.

Your wedding day is not the time for a photo shoot of you and your entire family.  A wedding day photography package is meant to capture as many beautiful moments between the Bride and Groom and attendants as possible.  If you have scheduled time in between the wedding and use this time wisely.

Plan out what poses you want and who you would like included in them PRIOR to your wedding day.  Do this before or after your rehearsal when you have everyone together and get it coordinated so you don’t waste precious time gathering everyone and figuring out the best pose possible on the day.

Don’t assume it is the photographer’s responsibility to know what you wish to have captured.  Be clear with them so they can advise you on the best use of your time on your Big Day.  Make sure to check out the following post as well.  Great advice!

Your wedding is not a photoshoot.


One of the things I love about Pinterest is that it’s like snooping on the world. You get to see almost everything everyone pins, and their description, which sometimes includes the pinner’s intent. Most of the time I scan on, but there is one description that, as a photographer, makes me cringe.

Must have wedding photos!

Most of the time they are inspiration for formal photos.  No problem. I occasionally ask a couple for clippings so I can see an example of a pose that they are dying to have in their album. The keyword here is pose.

I can use our formal portrait time in almost any way.  I can’t, however, spend your wedding styling every second.  I can not plan to capture the look on your face when the maid of honor surprises you with a gift. I can’t pose the prayer between the groom and best man. and capture the single tear rolling down the groom’s cheek.  I can be there when those things happen.  I can suggest you stand in a more attractive spot.  I can select an angle that will catch the way to light draws attention to your profile.

Spend your time planning those moments.  Select a photographer who consistently catches those moments, knows where to be and when to be there, and let them know what your plans are so that when those miraculous-once-in-a-lifetime incidents occur you can be sure that a professional will be there to record it.

Your wedding should be full of must have moments, not must have photos.

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