Events by L’s Top 3 – Not Your Ordinary Wedding Day Emergency Kit – Must Haves!

Events by L Wedding Day Emergency Kit Must Haves!

As wedding and event planning experts we at Events by L have seen our share of crisis on an important day.  As all of our clients know, when it comes to the day-of any event you will always see our staff toting along our emergency kits on wheels.  They are in our cars at all times because it’s just plain handy to have!  I mean they have everything in there from perfume to allergy medicine.  But throughout the years there are definitely some tools that we carry that come in so handy and we have been very fortunate to have them on hand.  Here are a few must-have items that we recommend that you may not have thought of.

Zip Ties

We can not tell you how many times these bad boys have come in handy for us!  We have used these to get out of a jam from wiring to décor malfunctions.  We even have them in almost every color possible!

Screw Driver

We prefer the one that has the multi-bits with removable heads that you can change out depending on the job.  It’s like having 10 tools in one and we have utilized this more times than you can imagine.  The most recent dilemma was on a bubble blower that was malfunctioning.  If not for having this tool I don’t know what we would have done.  It really was a lifesaver as the most important element for this particular bride was to have their exit filled with bubbles for the picture.  The couple had met at a bubble themed kids birthday party so they wanted the perfect bubble filled bubble to have forever, which they got.

No-Sew, Temporary Velcro 

For all of you brides that envision an out-door wedding but don’t fully consider the weather elements, especially in the windy city.  This is a MUST!  The table runners and linens will keep getting blown away – Velcro to the rescue.  As opposed to pinning them in place, this will ensure your linens will not be damaged so you do not worry about getting charged by the linen company and everything will be in place for the evening.

Those are the top three essentials  we have discovered through our experiences and can not attend any event with out!  So, when you hire us for your next event look for us toting our handy-dandy tool boxes on wheels, and of course our clip boards and don’t forget to pack these handy items as well:

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Photographs courtesy of Pinterest

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