Fall and Halloween Inspiration from the experts!

Happy fall everyone!  

We at Events by L are busy putting together a fall and Halloween inspiration board for an upcoming event!  It is for adults and there will be kids so we need to make it fun for all ages!  

f Yummy Mummies!

We love these Yummy Mummy treats made out of Oreo’s and white chocolate.  These are easy to make and who doesn’t like Oreo’s?


Of course there will be pumpkins!

We are absolutely in love with this FREE printable from Jones Creek Creations.  There are several to choose from as well!  This is the look we are going for!

We are thrilled that the pumpkin is finally getting a much-needed makeover!  Why not dress these babies up?  They earned it!  They have gone years and years being cut, carved, smashed, and inflamed!  They deserved a treat!

More decor inspiration!  We love this look.  If only my front porch had more space, this would definitely be on it!

Well, that is just the start of what it will become.  Now it is time to let the magic happen and see how everything develops!  We are counting down the days until this event!  We would love to hear from you if you have any great fall decor or recipes!  Please share!

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