Wedding Wednesday: HELP!!! DIY Flowers vs. Professional Florist

This is a great question. We are excited to see the responses to this question. There are a lot of different DIY options to cut back on a budget, however flowers should not be one of them.  The big problem here is timing.  Flowers should be put out as close to the wedding and/or reception as possible.  They need to be trimmed as they are being placed into the water in your selected vessels. The initial HUGE problem with a bride wanting to diy flowers is………….WHEN?

The bride, and her bridesmaids- which are usually the helpers for all DIY projects, will all be most likely getting ready and taking pictures. No one will be left to arrange the flowers.  Unless you have a great connection with your venue or it is included in your contract, they will not touch this detail.  Now, if you want to cut back due to budgetary restraints, we would recommend you opt for silk for all of the bouquets and boutonnieres.  Surely you have been to weddings, the minute the bridesmaids hit that dinner table with the vase on it to hold there bouquets, they are pretty much left behind the rest of the day.  Silk flowers have become so amazingly realistic that no one will even be the wiser that they are not natural.

If you do go silk, you can then have some simple fresh ones on your tables or decorated around your venue but keep in mind you better delegate someone very trustworthy to handle this detail or you will be walking into a flowerless room.We hope this helps!

via Wedding Wednesday: HELP!!! DIY Flowers vs. Professional Florist.

2 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: HELP!!! DIY Flowers vs. Professional Florist

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