Catering Onboarding The Right Way! – Rosati’s Catering

Best of luck and congrats ROSATI’S!!!!!!! We ♥ you

I am so proud of my team at MonkeyMedia Software and the MMS Catering Institute.  This generous article was written by Alicia Kelso and featured on Pizza Market Place.  I’ll repost here because it’s really something to be proud of and it speaks the truth.  Hope you enjoy it!  Let’s talk catering!!



Chicago-based Rosati’s Pizza has been around since 1964. Since that time, the company has offered catering meals featuring beef, chicken, pasta and pizza.

But now the nearly 200-unit chain is adding off-premise catering — not just a carryout option as it’s been, but a separate revenue channel and business, complete with devoted staff, training and packaging. Because of increased competition and consumer demand, now is the right time to enhance the service, according to Rosati’s president Marla Topliff.

“Pizza is pizza; it’s not going to change. You either add another dimension or you don’t grow. We’re…

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