Some Input From Our Brides

After every event we manage it is imperative for us as planners to get feedback from our hosts as well as what they have heard from their guests. 

Our couples have all loved having a photo booth at their reception.  This really provides a new element to the wedding reception.  It brings people together and really adds a new light to the event. 

One of our biggest concerns from our couples is what will our guest do for 4-6 hours?  They are constantly worrying their guests will be bored and want to find a way to keep everyone involved, especially if there is a 2 or 3 hour window that does not include many of the traditional milestones you might typically include in a reception.

Incorporating a photo booth is a great option for ensuring enjoyment for all ages!  Kids and adults alike adore the photo booths, for those over 21 it gets even more enjoyable as the night progresses! 

 We recently managed a reception for a couple in their 50’s and a lot of their guests were older family members which had them concerned with how they would entertain themselves as most of them were unable to dance for extended periods of time, if at all. 

We encouraged them to provide a photo booth which they used as their guest book as well.  Everyone stayed entertained and had a blast; meanwhile our newlyweds have precious memories that if not for the photos they would have never even seen!  It was the perfect solution! 

The vendors you choose to work with will no doubt leave a lasting impression on your guests and that is why Events by L only recommends the best to our clients.  Photo Booth of the Stars  is Events by L’s  preferred vendor for photo booth’s hands down.   They have been serving the Chicago-land area since 2007.  In addition to their number on priority being customer satisfaction, they also offer the highest quality photo booth rentals in the industry.     

If you are considering having a photo booth at your event, DO IT, and contact Photo Booth to the Stars. Our most common complaint from our brides – The day went by too fast – Now it can last forever!

Photo Booth Guest Book from my wedding

Photo Booth Guest Book from my wedding (Photo credit: paperladyinvites)

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