Here’s the 2nd Installment of Tips and Tricks of the Trade – Dress shopping tips


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We are continuing our step by step guide to wedding dress shopping!  Enjoy and let us know if you have any tips, questions, or comments.  We love hearing from our readers.  Now let’s get to it!







Step 2:

Research, research, oh and research.  Ask friends and family for dress shop referrals.  The treatment you receive at the shop is just as important as the style of dress you want.  Finding a reputable dress store whose staff will treat you well is almost as important as the dress itself!  I suggest always doing a BBB search on the store to see how they rank, this goes for all of your vendors as well.

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I always recommend going to at least one store that you know is out of your league.  This will allow you to see how the expensive, highly detailed gowns look and give you an idea for choosing a dress within your budget with similar characteristics as the dream dress.  It’s like going to TJ Maxx and finding a really cute bag for $75 that resembles the Heremes Ostrich Leather $15,000 Kelly Bag.

English: Logo of TJ Maxx

English: Logo of TJ Maxx (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






Once you have found a few stores to go to decide who you are going to take with you.  Although it may seem like a really fun and special time to take your mom, Grandma, Sister, and your maid of honor to this splendid occasion, I wouldn’t.  Way to many cooks in the kitchen, and think of all of their different styles and tastes you are entrusting on making this huge decision for your special occasion.  Take one, or two people at most that will tell you their true and honest opinions.



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Now we’re shopping!  Be ready to answer some questions specifically: when is your wedding date and what is your budget?  We always recommend giving some leeway on both aspects but for your date tell them a month prior to your actual date.  This will allow for the dress to arrive and give you plenty of time should any mishaps arise.


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You need to have your budget prepared and stick to it.  We would understate your budget since most salespeople will try to up sell you and are most likely going to show you dresses just over budget so just be prepared for this.  It is your dress, your day, and your budget.  Hold your ground… if you think going a little over on your budget here and there is no big deal, think again!  Those “little” extras add up.

Take your time on this and don’t make any decisions the same day you try on the dresses.  Go home and relax and think it over so you can be sure that you are thinking clearly and making a great decision.  You don’t show up to a car dealership and by the first car you test drive without getting information on the vehicle prior and determining it being the best for your needs.  Same rules should apply to your dress.

DIY Personalized Candle Lights

DIY Personalized Candle Lights (Photo credit: eelke dekker)














  • Only take one or two people you know will be honest with you when dress shopping.
  • Fib just a little with the salespeople when it comes to budget and wedding timing.
  • Stick to your plans!
  • Relax.  Don’t rush this decision.


Now that we have chosen a dress be sure to follow us for the 3rd installment of our wedding dress guide which will cover the deposit, extra fees such as alterations, delivery of the dress, linings, and more, so much more.  Stay tuned!



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