Wedding Budget Issues

English: Sample budget

English: Sample budget (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wedding Budget Issues- What to do first?

Let’s face it one of the most daunting tasks in life and in planning any event is making the budget. For a lot of people this is usually a task that gets put to the side for a while until they really have to buckle down and get to brass tacks. Before you consider doing any planning for your wedding the first thing you must do is set a budget. So pop open a nice bottle of vino, get out your spreadsheet, iPad, or good old-fashioned notebook, grab your amazing fiancé’, and get to work!

First things first… Who is paying? Times they are a changing and in today’s economy not every bride’s parent’s can afford to chip in for the entire event. Will they be contributing and if so, how much? Also, keep in mind that in some instances when some one else is footing the bill, this can mean the bride to be looses control over some or the entire decision-making. Be sure you know what you are getting yourself into when it comes to who will have the control over decisions so you can save yourself a lot of hair pulling down the road.

Another thing to consider is when you would like to have the wedding. If you are going to be responsible for paying, go ahead and give yourself some time to build a little extra savings cushion for any hidden fees that may arise. This way if Grandma or Uncle John generously pitches in this will leave more money for you and the Hub’s to tuck away for that honeymoon or put away for a rainy day.

So now that you both have come up with a realistic budget that you can afford with or without the help of your wonderful family members, now it is time to get to work on your guest list. Grab another bottle of wine and get to work. If your parent’s are contributing to this joyous occasion be sure to invite them to make a list of people they would like to invite as well. Get everything on the table now to avoid that extra 75 people your Mom decided to spring on you.

When you are planning the guest list you are going to want to include everyone. It is YOUR day and you want everyone to enjoy it with you. Just keep in mind, the more people you have at your wedding, the more money this is going to cost. Set rules, no people from work, only aunts, uncles, first cousins, etc., if you are looking for ways to cut back on your list. Remember this list can always be increased or decreased depending on the budget. You want to have a comfortable amount of guests to fit your budget. You can always add more.

Well now that you two love birds have completed the most important aspect of your wedding – the budget, and you have accomplished a mock guest list, I say give yourselves a nice pat on the back, and relax. This is only the beginning. There are so many decisions when planning a wedding and you will no doubt at some point get over whelmed. Just take a deep breath, and remember this is one of the biggest days of your life and you have an amazing partner next to you, and you have me here to give you some useful advice.

I would love for you to weigh in and share some of your budgeting issue experiences. What did you find to be the easiest expense to cut back on in your budget? What was your most important splurge?

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