Birthday celebrations and a decorative DIY tutorial.

Great ideas for all of you ambitious DIYer’s!

Over the weekend I went back home to Crewe to celebrate my mums 50th birthday. What a glorious Bank Holiday weekend we had, I still can’t believe how lucky we were with the weather. The sun was shining, the fizz was flowing and hopefully a good time was had by all.
Photo 26-05-2013 13 15 48
Photo 26-05-2013 13 06 33
I put my crafty skills to good use and made some decorations to hang in the garden. These very pretty tea light holders looked beautiful flickering in the dark.
Photo 26-05-2013 22 28 41
Photo 26-05-2013 22 29 46
To make your own jam jar tealight holder, follow these simple steps below.
You will need;
Empty, clean jam jars (any shape or size) Lid not required.
Metal wire
Double sided sticky tape
Decorative touches such as lace, ribbons, buttons, sequins etc.
Photo 17-05-2013 17 12 34
The design around the jar is up to you and your creativity. I simply attached a piece of double sided tape to the side of the…

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