Be Here Now. Or Don’t Be Here At All.

Would you allow cell phone usage during your wedding?

I Just Want It To Be Perfect


It hasn’t gotten as bad as this (courtesy of The New Yorker), has it?  I haven’t actually seen anyone tweet from the altar, but something tells me it’s been done.

And that’s because as a species it appears we’ve become incapable of being in the moment and savoring what’s going on right in front of our noses.  OK, I know this sounds like a rant from one of your grandparents, but bear with me.  This opinion was arrived at the old fashioned way: by watching the human race make fools of themselves on a consistent basis.  We’ve reached a time in our evolution (devolution?) in which we can’t just see something.  We are compelled to record it, no matter what the circumstances or the loss of the original experience.  And we can’t just observe something.  We have to comment on it instantaneously, putting our own feeble bleatings out into…

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